About our siddhis school :

 * Our school is C B S E system with number of activities such as:
 · Karate, Yoga, Physical exercises and Games
 · Skating
 · Music
 · Dance --- Classical, Western
 · Arts and Drawing
 · Indoor games like Chess, Caroms etc.
 · Field trips --- 1 per year       /    Outings --- 1 per 2 months
 * Experienced and high qualified faculty.
 * Teacher – Student ratio in 1:15 or max. 20 students per class.
 * We are using high quality equipment, infrastructure, toys for our students.
 * There is Science lab, Computer lab, Indoor games in our school.
 * We will teach our students about our customs, morals, religions, principles, unity etc.
 * We will make our students to learn our Telugu slokas, ashtakams, stotras, sataka padyalu, bhagvadgita etc.
 * We will make our students to participate in different competitions like drawing, music, dance, karate etc around the city.
 * We will improve our students in
 · Fluent reading
 · Neat hand-writing
 · Spelling corrections
 · English grammar
 · Communication skill
 * We will celebrate each and every festival events with our students in our school
 * We welcome each parent to share their ideas, suggestions with management
 * Playground
 * Projector
 *     * CCTV
 * Theme based outing – 3 per year
 * Personality Development
 * More focus on slow learners
 * Fee payment through online/cheque/cash